The Crochet Answer Book

Going loopy over you latest crochet project? If you ever wished your local wool shop had a 24-hour hotline, then help is here in the form of "The Crochet Answer Book"! Written in a handy Q&A format, this invaluable reference provides help and advice whenever and wherever a problem arises. The best way to get answers to your questions about crochet is to ask an experienced crocheter. In the past someone from an older generation was usually on hand to help the novice, but today lucky is the crocheter who has access to such a mentor at the moment she (or he) is needed! This book fills the place of that experienced crocheter so you can get answers to your questions quickly and get back to more important things - like your crochet! Written with all levels of crocheter in mind, the questions here range from those frequently asked by beginners to those only experienced crocheter would think to ask. The information is arranged into 11 chapters covering hooks and other tools, yarn, foundation chains, stitches, gauge, circular crochet, patterns, edges, finishing and embellishments. From selecting the right hook and yarn, to getting started in the round or flat, working around corners and venturing into more complex patterns, the answer is only ever a few pages away. Questions include: What size hook do I need? How do I handle an unwound hank of yarn? How do I fix a foundation chain that's too tight? What is a 'spike stitch'? How do I increase stitches within a row? How do I measure row gauge? What does it mean to work 'into the ring'? How do I find the end of the round? Why do my colour changes look messy? How do I make a 'picot edge'? How big should my buttonhole be? How do I block a doily? How do I work double-ended crochet? And many hundreds more...Practical advice and clear, detailed illustrations help you solve any crochet mystery, making this the one reference you'll turn to time and time again. As a gift for a crocheter or to untangle your own crochet conundrums - you will not be disappointed.