Azo Yellow Deep 60ml

Opacity: ST

All 80 colours in Artists' Acrylic are new formulations, giving the brightest and strongest colours. The range also includes 17 new colours, increasing the number of unique pigments available.

Artists' Acrylic colours are individually formulated from the purest and highest grades of pigments using the maximum amount of pigment possible. The range uses single artists' pigments wherever possible.

The remaining 11 colours in Artists' Acrylics which are mixed are done so with good reason. In some cases mixtures match original fugitive (non-lightfast) colours eg. Permanent Sap Green, Olive Green, Hooker's Green. In some cases mixtures are more stable eg. Buff Titanium. Some colours are mixed to match original colours eg. Cadmium Yellow Deep and Raw Sienna.

All 80 colours within the Artists' Acrylic range are classified as permanent for artists' use, earning an AA or A rating from Winsor & Newton.

Acrylics are the most extraordinarily versatile artists' medium. They adhere to the widest range of substrates - in fact anything which is not too glossy or greasy. They can be used with or without primers from the most dilute water colour washes and transparent glazes to the thickest impastos.

Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic includes a good mix of transparent and opaque colours offering good levels of opacity and covering power.

As the cost of the pigments used for Artists' Acrylic colours varies, so does the price charged for each colour. Therefore colours are grouped together in 'series'. The higher the series number, the higher the price. You can find the series number both on the colour chart and on the tube. There are a total of 5 series in Artists' Acrylic.