Indian Red 5ml

Opacity = O

Each colour within this wide and balanced spectrum of 96 colours, has been selected and formulated to offer the greatest choice so that artists can use a unique palette that best suits their work.

The Artists' Water Colour range offers a wide and balanced spectrum of 96 colours in Half Pans, Whole Pans and in 5ml and 14ml tubes.

Artists' Water Colour Tubes or Pans

Both Artists' Water Colour tube and pan colours are made individually to the highest standards. Pan colour is often used by beginners because it can be less inhibiting and easier to control the strength of colour.

Tube colour is more popular overall, used by regular users, those who use high volumes of colour or stronger washes of colour. Many painters have both, as pan colours are useful when travelling and sketching. Of course, artists can use both tube and pan together if they wish.

Wherever possible, single pigments have been used in Artistsí Water Colour to ensure that the widest choice of colours and pigment characteristics or positions, such as hue, particle size, transparency, tinting strength, etc are available.

Single pigment formulations are purer in hue and cleaner in colour than mixtures of pigments, providing a larger number of colour mixes before resulting in muddy effects.

The Artists' Water Colour range is split into 4 groups termed 'Series'. The series indicates the relative price of the colour and is determined mainly by the cost of the pigment. Series 1 is the least expensive colour and Series 4 the most expensive.

93 out of 96 colours in the Artists' Water Colour range are classed as "permanent for artists' use". This means that 97% of our Artists' Water Colours are rated AA or A for permanence.