Indian Yellow 37ml

Griffin Fast Drying Oil Colour offers the excellent advantage of faster drying times compared to traditional oil colours. This means that the traditional oil techniques of both impasto and glazing can be done in considerably less time and a painting can be completed in a single session. The vehicle (oil modified alkyd resin) allows the colour to dry quicker whilst retaining the other characteristics of conventional oil colour.

Because alkyd resin has physical properties that differ slightly from those of traditional oils, the pigment load is somewhat different as well. Experienced painters will notice slightly greater transparency compared to Artists' Oil Colour. The colour has been formulated to offer the greatest degree of tinting strength possible (consistent with good handling properties), and to take full advantage of the true characteristics of each pigment.

Not all colours in the range are transparent. Pigments vary in their transparency by nature, and Griffin colours are marked as T (transparent), ST (semi-transparent), O (opaque) or SO semi-opaque on the colour chart (the level of transparency of a colour is relative to other colours in the range).

Griffin Fast Drying Oils offer a slightly more fluid consistency than traditional oils. Alkyd colours dry to a more even reflective surface than traditional oils.

AA and A rated colours are recommended as permanent for artists' use. Please refer to the permanence ratings provided on the printed colour chart and the tube labels.

The most outstanding advantage of the Griffin Fast Drying Oil Colour is the speed of drying. Depending upon your technique, you will be able to complete a picture in a fraction of the time required for a traditional painting.

All colours in the range remain workable on the palette for 4 to 8 hours, and are touch dry on the canvas in 18 to 24 hours. The drying time will be affected by the thickness of the paint and the temperature of the environment, however.

Thorough drying prior to varnishing is essential, and should be a minimum of three months in thin films of colour.

Speed of drying makes Griffin Colour ideal for using at college, art school or in art society environments and also for examinations, painting outdoors or on holiday.