Ivory Black 37ml

Winton is a traditional range of 47 oil colours, made from moderately priced pigments, for student and amateur artists or professional artists requiring large volumes of colour.

As with Artists' Oil Colour, every colour in the Winton range is individually formulated to take advantage of the natural characteristics of each pigment and to ensure the stability of the colour. The economical cost has been achieved through the use of moderately priced pigments rather than lessening the pigment content.
Wherever possible, the most permanent pigments have been used. All Winton colours are either AA and A rated and are recommended as permanent for artists' use.

The Winton range has a more uniform consistency than Artists' Oil Colour and is slightly stiffer. It offers excellent retention of brush and palette knife strokes.

Pigments vary in their transparency by nature. On the Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour chart the transparent colours are marked T, the semi-transparent colours are marked ST. The relatively semiopaque colours are marked SO and the opaque colours are marked O.

All colours will become touch dry in 2-12 days. The different drying rates are due to the different reaction of each pigment when mixed with oil.

Winsor & Newton formulate colours to optimise drying rates, helping artists to avoid the problems of slow drying underlayers. However, the following list is a guide to the likely variations:

Fast drying (around 2 days):
Prussian Blue, Raw Sienna, Umbers.
Medium Drying (around 5 days):
Phthalo Blue and Viridian Hue (phthalocyanines), Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blues, Synthetic Iron Oxides, Ochres, Titanium White, Zinc White, Lamp Black, Ivory Black.

Slow Drying (more than 5 days): Cadmium Hues (arylamides), Permanent Rose (Quinacridone), Alizarin Crimson Hue.

As with all oil paintings, to avoid yellowing of the oil, paintings should not be allowed to dry in places with continuous darkness or high humidity.