Easel Lamp

Designed for artists who require perfect daylight(TM) light whilst working on small to medium size paintings. Our unique new Clamp-lock system(TM) keeps this lamp firmly attached to any easels up to 3.2cm thick, even when you are adjusting the 18cm/7" flexible arm to direct the light exactly where you want it.

The wide shade with reflective coating and the bright 20W daylight(TM) light will create the ideal circumstances for optimal colour rendering, similar to north-facing studios, but now day and night. This comfortable light also eases eye strain, helps to see details and is useful for people with failing eyesight. This lamp comes with an extra long 3m/10' cable.

Key Features
•Stylish easel lamp for small to medium paintings
•Unique Clamp-lock™ system keeps the lamp firmly in position
•Attaches to easels or tables up to 3.2cm (1¼“) thick
•Powerful 20W energy saving daylight™ bulb (315W equiv.)
• Lamp brightness 9600 Lux at 15cm and 2970 Lux at 30cm
•Total amount of visible light emitted in Lumens is 1250 lm
•Unrivaled daylight technology™ for optimal color rendering
•Enjoy painting in comfort with 24/7 north-facing daylight
•Wide shade with reflective coating for maximum light spread
•18cm/7" flexible arm to direct the light exactly where you want
• 3m/10' extra long cord for optimal freedom